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Please Support Jewish life on UCLA campus!

Chabad at UCLA is not just another organization... "It is a Home away from Home" for every Jewish Bruin. It is a place where every Jewish student, regardless of affiliation, feels welcome and comfortable. The UCLA students know that Chabad at UCLA is always there for them, no matter when, where or whatever it may be.

We are a grassroots organization, not funded or financially supported by anyone else, not by any central Chabad, Federation, UJA, or any other fund (i.e Rabbi Dovid & Elisa are solely responsible to raise the entire budget of over $186,000 a year!!).

We are at the forefront of the efforts to strengthen the Jewish pride and identity for hundreds of students and faculty on UCLA campus. Your gift will allow us to enhance and expand our activities, bringing vibrant Judaism to the generation of tomorrow. We invite you to participate in this vital endeavor. 

Every donation makes a HUGE difference, and we thank you on behalf of hundreds of Jewish students who are reached by our programs, which are only possible with your partnership.

Chai (life in Hebrew) has numerical value of 18. In the merit of your charity may you and your family be blessed with a good life, health, happiness, and prosperity! L'Chaim, to Life!!

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Thank you for your partnership with us to build the Jewish tomorrow... today! 

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